Tuesday, December 8, 2015


(model: Andréa Hawkins)
I found Octavia Butler's books by accident. I was on a Robert Olen Butler binge, and in my school library, I saw a book with the name "Butler" on the spine and checked it out eagerly. Imagine my surprise when I realized my mistake, but what a great mistake it was. That book was Dawn, and I was suddenly in love with yet another Butler.

Fledgling is by far my favorite of Octavia Butler's books. It struck such a chord in me, that I read it again, took notes, and started writing this novella. I wanted to give Fledgling, her last story, a sequel that could hopefully do it justice.

Unfortunately, publishing an unofficial sequel is against Octavia Butler's Estate's copyright, so my next plan, encouraged by companions from Pitch Warriors, is to post it as fanfiction. There doesn't seem to be any for Butler's works, and I doubt no one else wrote any, so if this blog suddenly disappears, there was a cease-and-desist.

I really hope you enjoy.